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178. Kagami Biraki - 2021

Kagami Biraki.  Mirror Opening.  What is that?

Renewal?  Re-dedication?  Rising Spirit?  Fresh beginnings?  Change of course toward new horizons?

It's all and none of that in the view of many.  Sometimes people tend to take the simple and make it complicated and Kagami Biraki is one of those areas.  It is is all but none of those.  Instead of some spiritual quest (which in-and-of itself can hinder any positive outcomes because of the deep implications) look instead at it as the something simple that so many make fun of; a New Years' Resolution.

We think of resolutions as getting back to the gym (lasts about 2 weeks for most), losing weight (lasts until you smell that pizza), getting along with family (lasts until that crazy uncle shows up and starts a fight), or drinking less (lasts until you find out the bartender is a "Craft Drink" kinda' expert and can make anything from a Perfect Manhattan to a Vesper exactly like Bond drank").

So instead of making resolutions you won't keep, or writing down a spiritual quest that will never happen, think about what you want .......... what - you - reeeaaallllly - want.  Since this newsletter is all about Bushido and training martial arts then what in that category holds the most interest for you right now .... right now this very instant as you read this?  Think and then pick up paper and pen and write it down.

It is to go to class 2x a week on a regular basis?  Then take out your calendar and pick those days and commit in writing to make those classes.

Is it making your next promotion, maybe to 1st degree black belt or higher?  Then write down to make an appointment to talk to Sensei about what you need to do and who he thinks would make a good uke/training partner to ask for help.

If you don't have a promotion coming up for a while then what new kata or type of drills do you need?  Go ask a senior rank.

How can you improve your Bushido philosophy?  Ask a senior rank what books they might recommend.

All you have to do is decide what is most important to you in Bushido right now and what you believe you'll hone in on and actually achieve.  Write it down and just follow through.  If it's not the more usual resolution that you failed at last year and the year before (lose weight, learn Spanish, etc. etc.) then ignore it and plan on reaching for and working towards what is important to you.  Kagami Biraki and New Years commitments are just that simple so don't over think it.  Just decide and then reach for that taco and pour stir yourself a Vesper.  Focus on what you can do and not what you can't do.

L.F. Wilkinson Kancho

The Aikibudokan

Houston, TX

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