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April 06, 2011


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All fair points, though I take exception to the idea of someone being "over-educated," but I think we've had that exchange before on Facebook. Too much knowledge is never a bad thing. Of course, education does not bestow wisdom, which knowledge is worthless without. Was that what you meant by it?

Slightly off topic, but since you mentioned energy (and nuclear specifically), I'm not looking forward to the backlash toward nuclear power in the wake of the plant disaster in Japan. Despite the fact that several of the plant's reactors survived an 8.9 earthquake (it was rated to survive a 6.0) and a gigantic tsunami, only two people died in connection to the actual accident compared to the thousands that perished in the combined natural disasters. Is it tragic? Yes, but it's hardly the catastrophe that most people yak about.

I like nuclear. Sadly, I think that places me in an ever shrinking minority.

Rant over. Looking forward to "getting honest" on the mat tomorrow!

Matt H

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