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After a lifetime of thinking about it I've finally become a Zen-Objectivist; Zen for the intuitive side, and Objectivism for the logical side.


I started my martial arts career in high school in the late 1960's in Tae Kwon Do and went on to briefly fight in kumite and later in Judo shiai before stopping all competitive venues (it was boring, didn't fit my personality, and didn't suit my original reasons for entering martial arts anyway). I got lucky beyond all belief and found some really good Aikido teachers and began to focus on Aikido and other classic Budo.

I stayed with my primary Sensei for almost 20 years before leaving in 1998 and opening my own dojo, which is now one of the largest in Texas. If I believe the email from former students who work internationally, we're now known to people in Japan (who would'a guessed it?) even tho' to me it's just a part time thing I do for fun and the enjoyment of the challenge, not to mention the interesting life-changes it brings to the serious practitioner in mass quantities.

They say that the "Real World" is the world in the dojo as lived on the tatami, and that the world outside the dojo is just a "Theme Park" where people play dress up, act silly and do some serious posing; so I guess that the "Real World Me" is an Aikido Sensei and that the "Theme Park Me" is a business man working for his clients. To semi-paraphrase an old hoary phrase; "I do my best to NOT become an empty suit going no-where in a hurry".


philosophy ... throwing people around on the mat ... decent science fiction (tough to find since Muadib' got himself lost in the desert) ... jazz music (lite & upbeat with some classic hard bop & fusion) ... dedicated life-long martial artists & Aikido players who prefer the right way over the wrong way or the easy way ... really smooth frozen luxury vodka ... getting lost in kata and humming out loud in the middle of a fast, sweaty randori session ... good cask-strength scotch that flows over the tongue like sexy peat flavored oil ... full bodied cigars (preferably torpedoes since a torpedo roller is considered the most skilled) ... sushi (of course!) but only if it's really fresh ... really good men's perfume strength cologne made the old fashioned way with ambergris (gives it interesting character) that causes strange women ask me what I'm wearing ... watching my kids and grand kids discover life and how uniquely different their parental genetics are (if you were a kid would you want your mom and dad to be a pair of precision minded perfectionist professional level executives, zennists and avid libertarian-objectivist acolytes of Ayn Rand who rarely take no for an answer and who would rather lose a client or even a friend if keeping them meant compromising honesty and ethics?