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84. Interlude; Again?

We sense that there is some sort of spirit

that loves birds and animals and the ants;

Perhaps the same one who gave a radiance to you

In you mother's womb.

Is it logical you would be walking around

entirely orphaned now?

The truth is you turned away yourself,

and decided to go into the dark alone.

Now you are tangled up in others,

and have forgotten what you once knew.

And that's why everything you do

has some weird failure in it.

........Kabir (sufi poet approx. 600 yrs. ago)

82. Please 'Splain Me Sensei Part 5

SPB:  OK Grasshopper .... sum it up so far for us ....

GD:  May I paraphrase?

SPB:  Of course.  Just get with it.  Quit sitting on ready and rocking on go!

GD:  Hai Sensei ...........

First, every class offers us an opportunity to learn whether that learning be how to be a better student (kohai), how to be a better teacher (sempai), or a new and wonderful waza that will allow us to walk on top of bamboo sprouts.

We should have a positive attitude and outlook and view working with our kohai as part of the giri of others having taught us in the beginning.  We should enjoy working with the kohai as much as working with the sempai since both offer us much growth opportunity; even if we do not immediately see it.

We should be humble and not act like a know-it-all since all of us, including you, still have much to learn.

SPB:  Smile when you say that partner ...........

GD:  Hai Sensei.

SPB:  True enough however so on with it ........

GD:  I have to be in the game and set goals and find ways to achieve the goals.

SPB:  How?

GD:  Find someone to take ukemi?

SPB:  Yes Grasshopper Deshi, find someone to take ukemi.  It is up to you to set a training schedule, find an uke, make time to train and get with it otherwise you'll become the world record holder for greatest number of decades as Ikkyu.  I cannot spoon (chopstick) feed you.  A Sensei is much like a sushi cutter going omakase on you.  He lays it out and you must learn to savor the flavor and learn the lesson.