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September 16, 2009


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Jeff D.


I stumbled across your blog after searching for the dojo out on the web and am now following it.

As a classical violinist I couldn't agree more with your statements above. I began playing violin at the age of 4 and you can ask my poor parents how much of a struggle it was to get me to have the patience to sit down and actually practice! I had to discipline myself to practice at least an hour a day in order to progress on anything, and most of that hour was spent on honing up my technique or getting one bit of a piece I was working on perfected. Only though this painstaking practice and repetition did I master the entire song and gain a better understanding of the instrument. While many of my fellow violinists have long since quit the instrument after finishing school, I have kept it up and am thankful I did.

I am trying to apply this same discipline to my studies at the dojo. Although I am still a brand new player into aikido having only started in June, I have found that by focusing and perfecting my foundation I have gained a much better overall understanding and appreciate for the art.

Thanks for the updates!

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